Sunday, August 30, 2009

Town #23: SPRINGDALE est. 1862

Just before you reach the west entrance of Zion National Park, you drive through the little town of Springdale. It has pretty much given up everything but tourism to survive. The town is full of hotels, restaurants and anything else that caters to the millions of tourists who travel to Zion every year. It isn't like it was in 1920 when Anne Widtsoe described it this way:
"I went for a ride down to Springdale, just at the mouth of the canyon. A quiet secluded spot where the inhabitants are years behind the times. Quaint store and little church with a bell, little gardens, they live and die and know no other life - many never having seen a railroad, etc. That is the life."

This little town does enjoy some the most gorgeous surroundings in the state. It just takes your breathe away.

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