Friday, August 7, 2009

Town #10: LEAMINGTON est. 1871

Here we are in Millard County once again. This time we were visiting some of the towns that we missed on our first trip. Leamington is a small quiet community. The quiet was the first thing that I noticed. When I stepped out of our car, all I could here was crickets. It is a farming town, but there has been other industries such as charcoal production, lumber and a limestone quarry. Leamington is east of Lynndyl. It is named after a town on England.

This church in the middle of town was a treasure to find. The oldest part of the church was built in 1903, and it was used as a church until the mid 1980s when the town bought it and turned it into a museum. The museum is only open on Labor Day except by appointment. (Labor Day is the time that the town holds Leamerado Days.) I was disappointed, but what can you do? I would love to see the inside of this beautiful building. The plaque on the bell says that the bell cracked the third time it was rung. It was a gift from Millard County. I would be cautious about accepting gifts from the county after that.

We also found this truck with a rocket made of roofing tin. What is with that?

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