Saturday, August 8, 2009

Town #11: OAK CITY est. 1868

Oak City is a small farming town south of Leamington. It is situated at the mouth of Oak Creek Canyon. If I had to pick a little isolated town to live in this could be it. Oak City has a charm to it that appeals to me with its tree lined streets. The settlers of Deseret would come here in the summers to graze their flocks of sheep before the town was established. When it was settled, you could buy a lot for $2.50. The settlers wanted to call the town Oak Creek, but when they petitioned for a post office, the government called the post office the Oak City office. Eventually, the residents accepted the name change.

The town sign is placed in front of the cemetery. After taking a picture, our girls wanted to go into the cemetery to see one of the headstones. Several of John's ancestors were settlers of Oak City and are buried here. This is the grave of Eliza Partridge Lyman. It is nice to know that some of my cemetery wandering has worn off on them.

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