Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Town #6: Price est. 1879

For our next set of Utah towns, we headed southeast. Our first stop was Price. Price is the county seat for Carbon County. Carbon County is named for all the coal mining that takes place within it. Price started out as a small farming community that had the typical irrigation problems that plagued so many early Utah settlements. The character of Price changed 4 years later when the railroad was completed because all of the sudden, Price became the center for the growing coal mining industry. Immigrants from Europe poured into Price to supply the mining demand. Price is still very much connected to the coal industry, and we often see long trains full of coal rolling out of Price.
John here is standing in front of the only welcome to Price sign that we could find. It was alittle scary taking this picture because we had to pull off the side of highway 6 to take it.

Here is a picture of downtown Price. It is still a busy viable downtown. We are always glad to see old buildings still being used. We tried to find a cafe here to eat at, but the only one that we found that wasn't a bar didn't serve dinner. Dang!

One of Price's current claims to fame is their Prehistoric Museum. It was too late to see it this time, but we have visited on previous trips here. This is a picture of two of our children three years ago, the last time we took a look. It is a good museum with plenty of things to keep the kids interested. The museum is connected with the College of Eastern Utah which is also in Price.
The dinosaurs came out of the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry south of Price. We drove out there once too. It is in some of the most desolate country I have seen.

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