Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Town #2: Deseret est. 1860

Deseret was our next town. It is a small farming community southwest of Delta, and it was one of the first places settled in the area. The Sevier River runs close by, and in the early days, the people of Deseret ate a lot of fish. Just north of town is an alfalfa cubing plant. Our oldest daughter thought it smelt like grapes when we drove by. Our youngest daughter didn't like the smell. Deseret doesn't have a fancy welcome sign, so we had to take our picture by the small green town sign. Our son elected to stay in the car. B is standing on one leg because she said that the dry grass made her leg itch.

Here is the Great Stone Face. It towers over an old lava flow southwest of Deseret. This is what we drove down south to see. It does indeed look like the face of Joseph Smith just like everyone says. That is pretty cool! Look at it closely, and you can see him smiling. In the 1950s, there was a local 65-voice male chorus named after it called "The Desert Sentinels".

Something else we saw while near Deseret was the old Fort Deseret. It sits just south of Deseret. It is an adobe fort built by the settlers during the Black Hawk War in 1865. They were afraid that the natives were getting restless. They built it in 18 days. The work force was spilt into 2 groups each with one half of the wall to build. There was a deal struck that which ever team could build their section of wall the fastest would be treated to dinner and entertainment by the losers. One group won by half a day, but when part of their wall collapsed it was call a draw. They had a big opening celebration on July 24, 1865. Not even hostile neighbors can stop a party.

This is the monument erected in the 1930s about the fort. I like it because of the variety of rock in it including a piece of petrified wood. Each rock was donated by a descendant of one of the builders of the fort.

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