Sunday, July 19, 2009

Here We Go!

Our family loves Utah, and we love to take slow leisurely road trips where we can stop to see all the interesting things along the roadside that most people miss. We like to be able to say, "Yes, we have seen that!" As we were driving down the highway towards Delta, Utah to see the Great Stone Face, I was thinking about those people out there who try to visit every county in the United States. Okay, we don't have the time to try that, but what about something on a smaller scale. Over ten years ago, during the state centennial, my husband and I visited all the counties in Utah, so I felt like we had done that. What about all the cities? We like to travel the lonely back ways and see all the small towns. Why not make a record of all that we visit? There is something interesting about all of them. We had done this a little before, but I decided that if I make a log of our adventures maybe we will make our goal. Now, we have another excuse to see all that is out there in our favorite state.
We will not include ghost towns because although we love to see ghost towns, they are often too hard to drive to and don't have nifty welcome signs to take pictures by. Someone has to actually live in them to make our list.

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