Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Town #50: SPANISH FORK est. 1852

I'm sorry that I haven't posted any pictures for months. I am now nearly a year behind again. I think I intimidated myself by starting out with trying to write a little bit of history for each town. I think that I will have to cut back on that for now just so that I can catch up. I kept wanting to do a post, and then the thought of all the time it would take to look up something on the town and then write about it would stop me from doing anything. So from now on, the posts will probably have less history and be more pictures and personal observation.
It was a nice spring day last year that this picture was taken. ( I'm ready for some of those days again!) We saw several Utah County towns on this day. This was the first after a trip to the local antique store. That is a great old sign.

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