Friday, October 22, 2010

Town #49: RUSH VALLEY est. 1856

For those of you who may be following these posts, just so that you know, I am posting these photos a year after they were taken. I hope to be able to catch up and have more up-to-date posts on our progress through Utah soon. This is the last photo taken last year.

Rush Valley is situated south of Tooele in the middle of sagebrush country. Rush Valley is made up of the two towns of Clover and St. John which were combined at sometime into one town. It covers a large area. It also included the town of Vernon for a while. This area was also its own county for a short time. I don't think students are any longer memorizing the name of Shambip County.

This is one of the more interesting old buildings in town. I believe it was used as a firestation at some point.

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