Thursday, June 2, 2011

Town #54: LINDON est. 1861

The town of Lindon is located north of Orem. It was originally called Stringtown and was an outgrowth of Pleasant Grove just to the north. When the town applied for a post office, the town name was changed to Lindon. It was named after the linden tree where the mail used to be dropped off.

When we found this sign, we were not the only ones getting our pictures taken by it. Two college age girls were also there, so we helped each other out with the photos. It was nice to have both John and I in the picture for once.

We tried to find the town sign for Pleasant Grove that day, but we couldn't find it. If you happen to read this, Harmony, we could use some help.

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Harmony said...

There are a couple, but I'll have to drive past them again to give you exact locations. :-)