Friday, April 16, 2010

Town #40: CAINEVILLE est. 1882

Caineville was another little town that we weren't sure really fit our criteria for a Utah town, but we decided to include it anyway. It no longer seems to be a town but just a scattering of a few homes and one motel that caters to the tourists visiting Capitol Reef National Park.(It is situated near the eastern entrance of the national park.) It was one of the settlements that were attempted along the Fremont River in the 1880s. Like Giles further east, Caineville suffered from repeated flooding that eventually drove most settlers away. It was named after John T. Caine who was a territorial representative in congress at the time.

We couldn't find a proper town sign, so we took our picture by one of the street signs that had the town name printed on it. Does that count?

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