Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Town #25: ORDERVILLE est. 1874

The small town of Orderville lies just north of Mt. Carmel along highway 89. It was named after the United Order which was a church sponsered communal living society that was experimented with there when it was first settled. All the settlers donated their property and money to the Order, and each family was given a responsibility in the community for the betterment of all involved. I'm not sure that I explained that very well or that I understand it correctly, so don't quote me on that. Several communities in Utah experimented with the United Order at that time, but Orderville had the most success. I have a great-great grandfather who loved the idea and moved his family to Orderville. He was in charge of the orchards. Unfortunately, he didn't consult with my great-great grandmother before he sold their home snd store up north out from under her. She did not like living in Orderville. When the United Order started falling apart, they left Orderville to start new out in Giles, a ghost town near Hanksville.

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